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6 — 2D Data Tracks

11. Connectors

Connectors are articulated line segments that relate two positions on an ideogram between two radial positions.

The definition of a connector track is done as a plot type


type = connector
file = data/6/connectors.txt

r0   = 0.8925r
r1   = 0.999r

connector_dims = 0,0.3,0.4,0.3,0

thickness = 2
color     = black

The data file defines the positions at r0 and r1 to be linked by lines

# connectors.txt
hs22 15116257 16046604
hs22 15136864 16056568

The example images in this section show how the connector_dims parameter controls the shape of the connector line. The line has five segments and the five connector_dims parameters define the size of each of the segments relative to (r1-r0).